International Compliance


Globalmedy follow GSDP guidelines set out by WHO for procurement, transport, storage and distribution of medicines/drugs. Various SOPs such as storage & handling, cold chain and recall SOPs govern the daily activities of our professional staff.

A separate Quarantine department is entrusted with monitoring of recalls, quality issues, expiries etc. to ensure that only saleable stock is on the shelf.


In India apart from shipping the goods, numerous other statutory compliances are required to be fulfilled. As many as 26 pages for each shipment made.

Our dedicated and expert team in finance department ensure that all requirements are fulfilled in a timely manner, and all transactions are reported to Government authorities in the prescribed formats.

We are proud of the fact that Globalmedy is no.1 organization from India in this trade to meet and comply with :

  • US FCPA act
  • UK Anti-bribery act
  • UK SFO act

These facts help to assure our clients of the legitimacy of their transaction from our organization.