Named Patient Supply

Named Patient Supply means the supply of medicine which do not have any marketing authorization for the indication in the country of destination. These medicine are supplied to meet the special needs of a specific patients under the order of a medical practitioner or other person lawfully permitted to prescribe medicine to a specific patient.

Globalmedy has an dedicated and expert team and the world-class infrastructure to source the medicine all over the world under name patient program. Due to rapidly changing lifestyle and ever increasing stress levels, disease patterns have seen a shift towards rarer and more un-common disease. These disease needs special type of medicines which are classified as Orphan drugs, Unlicensed Drugs or Special drugs as per WHO.

Nowadays demand of these drugs has created an unmet need in the market, which needs to be filled immediately. The expert team at Globalmedy export these medicines for their patients/doctors.

Being one of the few WHO GDP certified distributors in India, Globalmedy has taken the lead to fulfil this “Unmet need” in Indian Market. Our medicines are competitively priced & ensure that quality standards are met.

Name Patient Program Process:

  • Patients or Physician request medicines who has serious problem.
  • Internal processing of prescription verifications at globalmedy.
  • Identify an optimal source for the particular medicine.
  • Import the drug under GDP conditions.
  • Dispatch medicines to concerned physician or patient after QA checks.