Validate Cold Chain Shipment

Cold chains are used for shipment of pharmaceutical and chemical. The cold chain is a logistical system which manages temperature, often between 2° to 8° Celsius.

With shifting of pharma industry from synthetic molecules to biologic, proteins etc. temperature maintenance has become as important as the drug itself! At globalmedy have best supply chain solutions that are natively multimodal, safe, transparent, and digitally-enabled and built around your patient’s well-being whilst caring for our planet.

According to the WHO – Good Distribution Practices, certain medicines need to be manufactured transported and stored at very specific temperatures. Cold chains is thus a supply chain management process that involves storage and transportation of temperature-sensitive goods (such as vaccines, serums, biological, and test samples) from the time they are manufactured until the time they are used, utilizing thermal and refrigerated packaging methods to help with transportation.

Globalmedy has undergone thorough validation of it’s cold chain process under WHO GDP guidelines and our practises are best in Industry from World.

1. Our validated shipping systems uses validated cold chain boxes

The boxes used by us a mainly imported from UK or Germany. A validation report and COA of the box is always available on file. The boxes are conditioned before use as per manufacturer’s instructions.

2. Temperature is monitored en-route by Temperature data loggers

Temperature data logger is added to shipment if requested by the buyer to monitor temperature during transit.